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The online world has made securities trading accessible to the general public and is no longer the sole concern of selected groups of „insiders“. One does not have to go to the bank or look for a broker, theoretically it does not even need to consult how to invest. You may not have a powerful computer and a number of monitors around it, as we see in Wall Street investment bankers’ films. Theoretically, you can get the same profits with an ordinary “smartphone” if you download, e.g., a free business application such as MetaTrader. It can trade virtually anywhere and anytime. And if you do not trust to your own judgment, you can carry out so-called social trading, i.e. set your system so that you copy the trading of a selected investor or company.

MetaTrader 5 is the best platform to access exchange markets and Forex currently. It is a great choice for any trader who appreciates a modern and comfortable trading platform.

In comparison with MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 has been significantly improved. It contains more advanced graphs and analytical tools as well as more timeframes including 2 minutes and 8 hours. An economic calendar has also been added. The email system now allows attachments to be sent and the possibility to trade exchange. Most importantly, MetaTrader 5 provides further ways of trading in terms of both investment instruments and trade methodologies.

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