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The general public has been finally given the opportunity to trade securities online. Trading securities online is therefore no longer the matter of selected insider groups. No more going to the bank or searching for a broker. Technically, there is even no need to ask anyone for an investment advice anymore. You do not need to own a high-performance laptop or several screens like Wall Street bankers from Hollywood movies do. Technically, you should be able to get the same profits just with the help of your ordinary smartphone, provided you download the free business app MetaTrader. With this app, you can trade literally from anywhere anytime. In case you do not trust yourself enough to trade by yourself, you can choose to “social trade”, which means you set up your system in a way that it copies the trading of your chosen investor or company.

MetaTrader 5 is currently the best platform for accessing the exchange markets. This platform is an ideal choice for anyone who appreciates an innovative and convenient trading platform.

MetaTrader 5 has been significantly upgraded compared to the MetaTrader 4. There are more advanced graphs and analytical tools. Moreover, the new economic calendar has been introduced. In addition, there are more timeframes including two- and eight-minute ones. One can also include attachments in their email systems and there is also a possibility for a trade exchange. To sum up, MetaTrader 5 offers new and innovative ways of trading, both in the area of investment instruments and trading strategies.

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